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Latham Industries + ASU's SMB Lab = Success!

Last December, Tracey Latham, CEO of Latham Industries, participated in ASU's SMB Lab program which was developed to find unique strategies for businesses as well as expose students to real-world industries and their challenges.

They kicked things off with a presentation from Tracey where she shared some of the issues her business faces in an ever-changing industry. The Lab participants then rolled up their sleeves and got to work problem-solving and created innovative solutions for her obstacles.

Tracey joins SMB Lab brainstorming session

But the partnership doesn't end there. The students will be conducting two capstone projects working directly with Latham's team at their facilities.

"The value this will bring us is priceless."

Tracey is excited about the collaboration. "The value this will bring us is priceless." says Tracey. "It gives us different perspectives and permanent tools to help us on our journey. The ASU ecosystem is helping implement all of this and execute the plan. It’s not just throwing out a bunch of ideas and then leaving. We’re working together as a team to make it happen."

To read more about this collaboration, check out this interview with Tracey where she shares her experience.



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