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Your Trusted Partner for Innovative Contract Manufacturing

Why Choose Latham Industries?

We consistently deliver superior quality contract manufacturing — our top priority over schedule or profit.

We diligently manage materials, suppliers, and production for superior cost efficiency — saving you money.

We use the newest equipment and technology for superior quality and efficiency — elevating our capabilities over those using dated equipment and technologies.


“Every new design starts with a discussion with Tracey. She gives me great advice and great ideas about how to improve the design and manufacture of our products. The quality Latham Industries delivers passes right through to our distributors and customers—who love our controllers.”

Stan Fikel

Owner at PBS Lighting


“Tracey delivers! The Latham team is incredibly easy to work with, doesn’t make us jump through hoops, and really understands our designs. We know we can count on Tracey, even with short turn-around times and complicated projects.”

Tony Noel

President at RKS


“I know I can count on Tracey to understand our design, our prototypes, and our assembly. My clients don’t have time to debug issues, so quality is priority for RTS and top quality is what Latham Industries delivers.”

Steven Pisciotta

Founder & President at RTS

Praise for Latham Industries

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